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Keynote: Dayle Hayes

Along Your Path: Walking in the rain, bringing sunshine in flowers and seeing butterflies as caterpillars

Dayle Hayes is an avid walker of city streets and enthusiastic hiker of mountain tops. She will explore “Find Your Path” as a metaphor for thriving in the evolving landscape of child nutrition. Dayle will share her thoughts on resilience, regulations, and the lasting lessons from pandemic times. She will inspire you to laugh, breathe deeply, and be ready for whatever the next school year brings. After all, look at what you have accomplished since March 2020!


Building Confidence in Bringing Students Back to School Safely

Back to school for the 2021-2022 school year will look a bit different for nutrition services departments this year. Join us for a panel discussion where we will be discussing some of the hot topics surrounding a successful start-up in food service. We will be highlighting how food service departments across the country can bring confidence to parents and district staff, while getting back what they lost in the 2021-2022 school year.

This course qualifies for 1 CEU for Professional Standards.

South Carolina Department of Education

Creating a Trustful Relationship between the State Department and the School Food Authorities (SFA)

With Deidre Yonce of the South Carolina Department of Education, learn about how to create a trustful relationship with your state agency, the benefits of the State Department making recipe, menu planning and reporting programs available to SFA’s, and the pros and cons of a state offering a program to their SFA’s

ProTeam Foodservice Advisors

Pivoting Your SFSP Menus: Tips & Tricks for Shifting to SSO

Hannah Gelhar and Brittany Herman talk about how to pivot and plan for the Fall

Pisanick Partners

Planning Menus for the Fall / Compassionate Leadership

Join Maureen Pisanick and Sarah Carlson of Pisanick Partners as they discuss two key elements of Child Nutrition during these times: planning menus for the fall, and how to serve as a compassionate leader.


Program Integrity & Compliance During SY21-22

Join Jen McNeil and Mickinzie Lopez of LunchAssist to learn about how to ensure your program will be ready to go for the SY2021-22, including a policy update and resources you can use.

Ron Jones

Using Your Menu to Drive a Thriving Business

Join this session with Ron Jones to understand how you can use your menu to drive a sustainable business, and how local farms can help.

Wellness Lunch Break

Dealing with burnout through mindfulness and other techniques

Join Kristen Lindorf and Laura Thompson of Health-e Pro as they discuss wellness and mindfulness techniques so you can better tackle your job with more ease and calm during these crazy times.

Kymm Mutch

Procurement Pathways: Are You Ready For Some New Options?

Join Kymm Mutch as she details some new options for procurement, the ideal procurement, research and analysis, the contract, and more.